'1000 Espressos' offers to all customers the following services:

- Technical knowledge for all the equipment. We provide all kind of tech information, as parts lists, net prices and pictures. Descriptions of the machines, instructions manuals and exploded views are available on this website.

- After-sales service and spare parts. We provide a free Kit of spare parts with the first order, so we help distributors to have parts available duringn the first months of cooperation.

- 1 year warranty for all components, except those that wear out due to the daily work, such as gaskets, filters, steam wands, trays, etc.

- Knowledge about the espresso and know-how: If you need more info about our coffee beans, please let us know. We will provide you all the necesary information.

- Latte Art and accessories, as well as training programs are available. Please ge tin contact with us for more info.

- You can download the 'Sales Sheet' down here to prepare your offer for your final customers. It can be easily printed out. This is a very useful tool in order to write the right offers at any time.

View Sales Sheet


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